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The only information that will make you succeed on making money online is to know the methods and skills to sell, deliver products and services to people that needs it.

Another information and also the skills you need is to keep on delivering these products or services daily, weekly monthly etc., to your customers, depending on the type of business that you are engaged in. This is a true fact about making money online.

This is a great opportunity to partner with a brand that will definitely put you on the path on how to have financial prosperity and freedom. The guidelines for operation are very simple but you are only advised to follow the instructions carefully. It is therefore, necessary to be informed that affiliate/partner is a business that have many opportunities to engage in. This platform owes you a duty to provide you with instructions that will push you to achieve your goal of being financially free. Following instruction to the last letter, your own duty is to continually motivate yourself and work hard and you will get there.

To reach your goal, we endeavor to put up a system you have to carry out on-line and these are two simple actions. Firstly, the operation should be on daily basis through our on-line system, structure and support. The aftermath result will surprise you, give you financial prosperity and put smiles all over your face. Secondly, you have to know how technology has evolved to this year 2020. These are simple information you must know and strictly adhered to. Information as they say is power. And in having full information at one finger’s tip, it will make you see things better in the world we are living in and stir your mind to think positively.

The steps to register/partner are very simple. It will only take you about 2mins. We will send to you the videos for free after you have registered/partner with us and this is for free. It is a gift from us for partnering with us. This business is branded and designed to suit the present situation we are into and I am assuring you that you will make money 100% on-line.
There is a wise saying that says show me a rich man that is not selling something. Another one said most business fail because they cannot sell. Our team branded and set up this system, structure and support to give answers to these wise sayings.

The only way on how to succeed faster in life in this 21st century without money in your pocket is to know how to connect people online on business and to know how to monetize the services and products you wish to deliver.
Our On-line business will give you the opportunity to know and learn how you can get connected with people. Take a look at it the top brand online business: Facebook, Instagram, amazon, linked, etc. All they do is to connect you with millions of people, then monetize it and then become successful. We want you to have it in mind that this business is all about connecting with people and you are a potential connector.

We welcome you to our (Affiliate/partner) network. To sign up ….
Affiliate marketing is considered to be one of the world’s fastest growing and best internet marketing techniques to earn money online. To start affiliate marketing with us, it attracts no additional investment, no hidden charges and no monthly/yearly charge. Also, it involves no risk and very rewarding.

Affiliate marketing as the name implies is a marketing platform or business that bring you reward for every visitor or customer brought about by the (affiliate/partner) marketing efforts or Affiliate links.
In simple words our (affiliates/partners) will be promoting certain services or products on their WhatsApp, website, blogs, sms (short messages) etc. and your reward will be based on a call to action performed by you. This call to action is simply mean when customers buy products or services through your Affiliate/partner link. As an Affiliate/Partner on this platform, you are expected to be linking up with buyers and sellers and commission will be paid to you based on the sale that has been referred by you. The interesting part is we have a system that will show you how it is been down in order to get results.
When you join or sign-up for this affiliate/partner program, you will have the option to choose the products that you want to promote or sell based on your area of niche or interest. The most interesting part is that we have services that can pay you huge amount of money as commission every month once your client(s) renew their subscriptions. We will supply you with our on-line tools or materials which you will paste at conspicuous places for your audience to see and this will guide them to connect easily. One thing that will make you to achieve success in this business is to always see yourself as a Connector. Having this in mind will make you to be successful and be able to excel more than your counterparts. We will show you how to also expand your network. Like they always say Your Network is your Net Worth.

How to get started and how it works
With affiliate marketing, it is not necessary for you to come up with your own service or product but there is no harm if you have any product or service you want to sell. The joy in it is that we have room(s) for products and services that are sellable and needed by people. We will like you to contact us on contact@zzunique.com if you have a product or services you will like to sell or advertise with us.

When you sign up for a partner or Affiliate program, you would generate your unique code/link which is what you will use to make the sales. Your customers would click on your referral/affiliate link to get to our website. These links are generated in our website in the affiliate area. It is very easy and not complicated for anybody to do. It is through this link that that we will be able to know that the sale/referral is made by you which in return will get you monetary reward. There is a provision on the affiliate area where affiliate links can be generated. These link is simply placed on your WhatsApp, blogs, sites etc. Other tools (online materials) like contents, videos, short messages, banners, will be provided to you that will make your clients to click on your links. Take the offer while it last, the Bonus and Free Registration opportunity, partner and connect immediately

How Is This Possible?
Relax; I will make it crystal clear to you
When a visitor to a website clicks on your affiliate link, the affiliate ID is stored on their browser within a text file, known as a cookie. The cookie stays in the customer’s browser for a short period of time, such as 60 days, or until the cookie is cleared from the browser manually. This means that if the customer buys or comes back a few days later and completes an action, the lead or sale is still attributed to the original affiliate ID which is you.

How to Register and partner with our (affiliate, partner) program. Visit our website www.zzunique.com go to menu click on (Become affiliate/partner) and sign up, or click on this link it will take you directly to the page url https://www.zzunique.com/home-v2/ After registering/signing up, your application will be scrutinized to ascertain your qualification. If you are qualified and approved by us, you will immediately have access to our affiliate network. This comes with a dashboard where you can view many features that will displays data on your affiliate network.

Once this is being done and approval given to you, then you can be able to place your links on different platforms and start making cool money through this platform. The procedure to use our contents, videos, banners, etc. effectively to deliver products and services online with a system that works will thereafter be sent to you. The link gives you access to sell anything on our platform and you will earn commission. You will have the power to sell anything on our platform. Our platform has many products and services that our Affiliates can engage in.
If you want to promote a particular product, you click on the product and copy the url (A URL is an address that shows where a particular page can be found on the World Wide Web. URL is an abbreviation for ‘Uniform Resource Locator’) and make a purchase you will earn a commission for that particular product promotion.
Remember this very important information

Once you have registered on our affiliate/ partner link https://www.zzunique.com/home-v2/ it is very important you get back to us on this WhatsApp number 0808 032 4768 No calls or through Facebook.. You can also contact us on contact@zzunique.com

We will add you to our WhatsApp group and our email list to enable to know the next step to take and  also receive our online tools and materials that will help you to start making money immediately.

Take the offer while it last, the Bonus and Free Registration opportunity, partner and connect immediately. link https://www.zzunique.com/home-v2/

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I want to reveal to you a business that can pay you good money and it is done 100% over the internet.
Send your WhatsApp number and e-mail address and you will receive the full information free
Do you know that there was a time when a phone, sim card and data are quite expensive?

We all know that data is getting a lot cheaper these days including mobile phones depending on the mobile phone company you wish to buy from anyway.
The population that are connected or have access to the internet are in millions and counting.
There is no other time in human history that people can get connect to people easily.

Many people have taken the advantage to maximize on this opportunity to leverage and position themselves on brands that can allow them make money through 100% on-line business.
Business are conducted over the internet and people who have taken the advantage are smiling to the banks. The brand we want to reveal to you has unique products and services and has tools that will make you succeed in no time
I want to reveal to you a business that will make you financially free and it is done 100% over the internet.

– No Startup fee
– No Monthly/Yearly fee
– No Hidden Charges

This business is for you if are willing to take our simply steps.
Send your WhatsApp number and e-mail address and you will receive the full information free.

Technical Specifications

Brand Apple
Item Height 18 Millimeters
Item Width 31.4 Centimeters
Screen Size 13 Inches
Item Weight 1.6 Kg
Product Dimensions 21.9 x 31.4 x 1.8 cm
Item model number MF841HN/A
Processor Brand Intel
Processor Type Core i5
Processor Speed 2.9 GHz
RAM Size 8 GB
Hard Drive Size 512 GB
Hard Disk Technology Solid State Drive
Graphics Coprocessor Intel Integrated Graphics
Graphics Card Description Integrated Graphics Card
Hardware Platform Mac
Operating System Mac OS
Average Battery Life (in hours) 9

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